Welcome to Troop 61

Sudbury, Massachusetts

Weekend Packing checklist


The items listed below will be necessary to insure your son’s health and comfort while participating in the activities planned for a weekend trip. It is also recommended that he bring a game, book, or other item to help occupy his time during rest periods.

Please, NO radios or other sound emitting devices. Cell phones are allowed, but are not to be used for anything but emergency purposes. No knives with blades longer than three (3) inches or requiring sheaths. No Aerosol sprays. Not items that have a high monetary or sentimental value. We have discovered that things have ways of being misplaced or broken on campouts!

All food and drink that your camper will need for the weekend will be provided for a nominal fee decided upon by him and the other members of his patrol. However, he should consider bringing snacks (no nuts or peanuts) to replenish his energy between meals. ALL clothing items that your son takes should be permanently marked with his name. We frequently end up with a pile of dirty clothing after the campout with no one willing to claim anything in it.

The following equipment, clothing, and personal items are recommended. However, if your son does not have a specific item, a substitution should be made to provide similar functionality.

See the Equipment Guide for buying scout equipment (PDF document)

___ Sleeping Bag (Rated 20 degrees)
___ Pack/duffel bag
___ Flashlight with extra batteries
___ Foam pad/air mattress
___ Pocket knife
___ Ground cloth
___ Pencil and Paper
___ Mess kit
- Spoon
- Fork
- knife
- Plate
- Bowl
- Cup
___ Boots or waterproof footwear*
___ Mosquito repellent
___ Scout Handbook
___ Canteen/Nalgene Water Bottle
___ Poncho/Rain Coat*
___ Personal First Aid kit
___ Sewing kit
___ Waterproof matches

___ Underwear (2 pair)
___ Heavy Jacket*
___ Socks (3 pair) (not cotton)
___ Hat*
___ Long Underwear (not cotton)
___ Gloves (2 pair)*
___ Sweater/Sweatshirt (not cotton)
___ Long sleeve shirt (2) (not cotton)
___ Extra Pants (2 pair) (not cotton)
___ Extra pair of shoes

Personal Hygiene
___ Toilet paper in zip-lock bag
___ 2 large trash bags
___ Soap in container
___ Tooth brush
___ Toothpaste
___ Wash cloth
___ Hand towel
___ Comb or brush
___ Handkerchief(s)

___ Down Vest
___ Wool Scarf
___ Watch
___ Munchies
___ Camera & film
___ Binoculars
___ Book
___ More Munchies

*NOTE: All Scouts must have on a hat, mittens, coat and waterproof footwear to participate in outdoor activities. For clothing, please make sure it is not cotton. Synthetics such as nylon, fleece/polyester, and poly/olefin blends (Thinsulate) or wood are ideal.

Troop 61 is a nut/peanut free troop. All snacks must be nut/peanut free.